Last Year’s Accomplishments

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  • Continue to advocate for additional roadway and intersection improvements
  • Two intersections funded and redesign is underway
  • Other intersections around APG already at or beyond capacity
  • Upgrades cost over $100 million
  • Look to improve commuting and transportation options


  • Actively participating with the Governor’s Task Force on Higher Education in NE Maryland to expand all higher education opportunities in northeastern Maryland that offer a broad range of baccalaureate, graduate and PhD-level programs in science and engineering
  • STEM Education a continued important area of focus. Supporting the Northeastern Maryland Technology Council’s STEM Summit process

Defense Reductions

  • Our challenge is to track, analyze and work to mitigate the impact of pending budget cuts on Aberdeen Proving Ground organizations
  • Help our elected officials and decision-makers understand the impact of reductions and realignments
  • Work to protect the missions, programs and jobs at APG
  • Continue to improve region’s infrastructure

Changes in Command at APG

  • Many leadership changes took place this year at APG and the Army Alliance is working with organizations to smooth the path
  • Build bridges between new commanders and the community
  • Help new leadership understand the issues and concerns of the community




BRAC transition a major success

  • Many organizations on- and off-post worked hard to create a smooth transition for relocated workers from New Jersey, Virginia, Texas and elsewhere
  • 65% of the workforce moved with their jobs: More than 3 times the
    transfer rate initially projected
  • The region has accomplished much, though still more to do to realize the full impact of BRAC 2005

Moving toward expanded higher education opportunities in Northeastern Maryland

  • Under and post-graduate: Task force established by State legislation to examine higher education needs of Northeastern Maryland and the “new” APG
  • Graduate/beyond: Serving on planning committee to study creation of a University Research Park with doctoral and post-doctoral technical education degrees and independent research opportunities

Modest progress in improving commuting/ transportation options

  • US 40 and MD 715 intersection improvement project fully funded and underway and the design of three other intersections partially funded
  • Transportation demand management solutions coming online to reduce number of cars on the roads
  • The U.S. House of Representatives passed a defense authorization bill that includes language that would make it easier for the Department of Defense to allocate funds to improve roads and expand transit outside the boundaries of military facilities